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The Problem With Dash’s Perception And How To Fix It – Part 1

Dash has a perception problem. We’ve been attacked relentlessly by trolls and FUDsters since the very beginning. I don’t think any other crypto project has had to endure the lies and twisted truths to the degree that we have. We’re accused of being a scam, of being trash, of being an insignificant clone, of being a shitcoin. It’s goddamn exhausting and it’s time to fix it. 

First, we need to identify why we are perceived so poorly; we can’t solve a problem if we don’t know the cause. While this is a complex issue with many facets that contribute to the problem, there are a few ideas in particular that I think need to be discussed. 

Cult of Personality 

Take a look at all of the (real) crypto’s ahead of us in market rankings – what do they have in common? Very strong and outspoken leaders, many of whom have turned into outright cult of personalities. Other than Bitcoin, all of these coins have one person you can identify as the de facto leader, the visionary. Ethereum has Vitalik Buterin, Bitcoin Cash has Roger Ver, Litecoin has Charlie Lee, EOS with Dan Larimer, Craig Wright with Bitcoin SV, Ricardo Spagni of Monero, etc. Bitcoin is a little different because its visionary and founder(s), Satoshi Nakamoto, isn’t known and disappeared many years ago. While I believe that Ryan Taylor, the CEO of DCG, is a terrific leader and has built a really solid foundation to grow from, he simply isn’t the leader of Dash, he’s the leader of DCG. That’s a fundamental difference from our competitors. The only person in Dash who could rightfully fulfill this role is Evan Duffield, the founder of Dash, but he isn’t interested, which is perfectly fitting because we’re a DAO. We’re aren’t just giving lip service to decentralization, we actually walk the talk.     

The immediate and direct effect of not having a centralized project leader is that our ability to control our narrative and get appropriate media coverage is diminished, which in turn hurts our valuation in a market based on hype, not fundamentals. Loud and brash garners more attention than quiet and dedicated. Our competitors can say whatever they want about us and we don’t have that strong personality to counter them and whom we can rally behind. There are a number of us who fight the FUD to the best of our abilities, but we’re not the leader of Dash; our messages don’t carry the weight and authority that a project leader does. 

Am I saying that we need a cult of personality to rally behind to be successful? No, absolutely not. Based on our ethos, a centralized leader really can’t exist, and if one ever comes to the forefront, be wary as that person is likely trying to rebuild Dash into their image for their personal gain. Instead of looking for a cheerleader, we have to do the opposite. We need to focus on utility instead of hype, deliverables instead of promises. The path to redeeming our perception is to deliver an amazing product and get it into the hands of so many people that we can’t be ignored and the FUD won’t matter. 

Unfortunately, this downside to this approach is that it’s slow and requires patience and dedication – we have to be the tortoise, not the hare. We need to play the long game. Dash is an unstoppable force, don’t ever forget that. One thing we can do right now though to make up for a lack of a distinct leader is to compensate with quantity. We need to mobilize as many people as we can to get the word out. We need more people willing to get into the trenches and fight the FUD and lies. Anytime someone spreads a lie about Dash, a dozen of us need to pop up and counter with facts and logic. It should be our goal that no lie or FUD of Dash is ever left uncontested. If you’re a Dash supporter and you aren’t active on social media – why not? We need you! 

To aid in the media battle, I will be creating a resource section on this site where I’ll develop and share articles and arguments you can use or direct people toward. 

Stay tuned for Part 2


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