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Maintaining Perspective

After losing yet another place in market rankings, I think it’s a good time to look at why the market is the way it is, look at the quality of project that Dash is, and revisit why we got into crypto. If I may first offer some advice – don’t dwell on the price. We’re still at the earliest stage of this societal revolution. If cryptos were human, we wouldn’t even be toddlers yet. Even if the crypto market valued fundamentals, which it obviously doesn’t, what the market says today doesn’t dictate tomorrow. While price is important, there isn’t really much we can do about it at the moment so fretting over it serves no purpose. 

While it’s no secret that the crypto market isn’t exactly rational, I think there’s a lot of people who don’t understand why. The market isn’t irrational because of marketing, or whales, or scams, or immaturity, or pump and dumps; the market is irrational because there is no substance behind it. Not a single crypto project has a fully working product. Not a single project has all the infrastructure and support needed to provide a complete solution that will make this crypto revolution possible. Not a single project has achieved anything close to even regional mass adoption let alone national or global mass adoption. The market is irrational because it’s based on promises, it’s 100% percent speculation. And most speculators are stupid. Really, really stupid. They don’t understand the tech, they don’t know how to research, they follow trends and chase others, they sell in a panic, and worst of all, they let others do their thinking for them. The market is dominated by people who simply want to get rich quick, and since there’s no substance to the market, there’s no way to determine actual practical value which in turn means that price is instead determined by idiots. 

Once you understand this, it becomes a little easier to cope with Dash’s poor market performance. Dash is the true market leader when it comes to adoption, utility, integrations, and support infrastructure. Not only do we have the most developed infrastructure, but we also have the most developed protocol. We’re so close to providing a truly revolutionary system, it makes me tingle. We can scale. Our transactions already work like cash. Our network is incentivized to grow. We have all the essentials in place, it’s just a matter of flushing them out. Don’t lose sight of how much further ahead we are than other projects when it comes to development and adoption; this will be reflected in the market in due time. And don’t forget about the DIF! Once it gets up to speed, it’s going to bring so much value back to the network it will be insane. 

Before I get to my last point, let me clarify that I do recognize that, for a number of reasons, the price of Dash is very important. First, the price of Dash directly correlates to how much capital we can use to fund the various teams building Dash. The more value we can put into our teams, the faster and further we can expand as a project. Second, the lower the price, especially relative to the rest of the market, the less exposure and interest we get. The less exposure we get, the harder it will be to attract new partners.  And third, a low price disincentivizes spending which in turn hurts adoption. If people aren’t spending crypto, there’s no reason for retailers to accept crypto. So yes, we clearly need the price of Dash to improve. 

My final point – why did you get into crypto? While there’s nothing wrong with taking a risk with your money in order to improve your worth, if you don’t have a more ideological reason behind your motives, you’re going to be all the more stressed out when the price tanks. But if you got into crypto in order to improve the world, to free people from economic tyranny, and to empower the individual, then it becomes easier to ride out these market depressions so long as development and adoption continues to progress. The price of Dash may be down significantly and we may have fallen in market rankings, but our development and adoption is moving ahead at breakneck speed. Nothing is being developed and growing like Dash. And if this is happening in a crypto winter, imagine what will happen when we have another bull run. We’re simply going to roll over anything and everything that gets in our way. We are going to absolutely dominate. 

So to sum up: we are still in the earliest of stages of the crypto revolution and Dash is especially well built to survive this war of attrition. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine! To quote the wonderful Mark Mason – stay positive, stay humble, and most importantly, stay Dashy!


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